Get your motor runnin ‘ …. Head out on the highway ! ! !

Head out on the highway !

So as I mentioned in a previous post , I took the epic road trip across Oz and promised I would follow up with more stories so I will start with my first night on the road. I left Darwin at around 11.30 am and quickly realized my CD player didn’t work. I thought ok sweet Ill pull over when I get to Katherine ( the next town with more than one shop) and I would by some tapes as the tape player worked fine. I got to Katherine and  thats when I discovered  they don’t sell tapes anymore not even in the outback where everyone knows they are 20 years behind the rest of Oz – I mean I saw magazines on sale dated back to 1999 yet no tapes for sale !! This was bad. I had 3700kms to go and the landscape (pictured above) was not the most exciting I ve seen . I ended up pulling in to a pub just out of Mataranka which is around 100kms south of Katherine and me and Chaos started to set up our camp for the night.

I got him settled then went  to the bar to order a meal and get some ice for the esky. Once I had this sorted I went back to the truck with my ice and my meal , had a beer , made small talk with the oldies camping on my left with their grand kids then went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and keen to get as much road behind me that day as possible I hit the showers , packed up the troopy and went to start the motor. That s when things went down hill – I couldn’t start the car as I had lost my bloody keys !!! Panic stations !!

I ended up telling the whole pub plus most of my fellow campers what had happened so everyone was on the lookout. I had the old bloke from the camp next door about to do “bush mechanics” on my troopy so I could start it with 2 wires when my savior in the form of the pub maintenance man came screaming around the corner on his 4 wheeler motorbike , my keys dangling in his hand – Yay !! (Turned out that I left them on the bar the night before while I was picking up my ice and dinner ).

Crisis over I was finally on my way at around 10.30 am .. 3 hrs after I originally tried to leave … Stay tuned , more from this trip coming soon 😉

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4 thoughts on “Get your motor runnin ‘ …. Head out on the highway ! ! !

  1. I hate it when I lose my keys, but I have to admit, I would have NO EARTHLY IDEA how to start my car without them. Good for you–and good for Mr. Maintenance Man!

  2. Oh I would of been lost without the old bush mechanic , thats for sure ! Lucky for me , my guardian angel was watching me that day .. I hope shes keeping an eye out for my little Houdini (Chaos) today !

    xx Kellie

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