Here’s a guide for the US Marines …..

So the Us Marines are landing in Darwin tonight ( the single girls of Darwin are very excited !)  – and to help them fit in the NT news has kindly provided a guide for them to understand the folks in the Territory. I must admit I am a self confessed bogan but I have never used or heard half of these phrases so its going to be really funny to hear a bunch of American blokes using the lingo 😉 But the again Ill just tell them its their shout – one phrase I have used off the list below –

MARINE GUIDE – Some key Territory phrases explained

  • “That’s gammon, eh bruss.” I doubt the veracity of this.
  • “Yeah man, Ice Cube, wicked beats eh, true dat.” I enjoy American classical music.
  • “It’s your shout.” I believe we are in need of your financial assistance at the bar.
  • “Weez going for some barra in the tinny down Shady, you and your bros wanna come?” Would you enjoy a day of driving and getting sunburnt?
  • “Do ya wanna come down to the pub for a few sodas?” Would you like to accompany me to a bar and consume beverages until we pass out?
  • “Wanna root?” (You will find out, but it doesn’t involve cheering for your favourite sporting team)
  • “Fannie…” (Be careful with this word in front of the ladies. Telling them they have a nice one may see your eye taken out. After time you may laugh at the prospect of driving down Dick Ward Drive into Fannie Bay.)
  • “Dogging.” (Out of respect take a plastic bag with you if walking your dog but for concern for your own health, take a condom as well.)

“Fully sick.” Quite good

List courtesy of

* For those who have no idea why you would need to take a condom to walk your dog , the latest craze to hit the NT is “Dogging ” which according to the NT news involves people taking their dogs for a walk as an excuse to have sex in public. This craze was started in the UK and judging by the amount of websites I found on google dedicated to this “sport ” it is quickly spreading around the world – so maybe this will be the one phrase these boys may be familiar with as this is obviously not just a territory thing ! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a guide for the US Marines …..

  1. Thank God there’s a guide. Those marines are going to need it!

    • Haha I just cant wait to hear them speak ” aussie” especially since half the phrases on that guide I have never heard n my life – not here or any other part of Oz ! Although “your shout” is a common one in the pubs i have worked at 😉
      Have a great day
      x Kel

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