Elvis proves he is still the King

Ok this didn’t happen in the Territory , but Elvis the crocodile is originally a NT born and bred crocodile. He was trapped in the Darwin Harbor few years ago (because he was climbing into fishing boats !) and sent to a Sydney wildlife park.

Elvis has a reputation for being one of the grumpiest old crocs in Australia.After he was caught in the Darwin Harbor he was sent to a croc farm where he ate 2 female crocs. This was when they decided to send him down south 😉

This video displays Elvis’s famous temper – he wanted that lawnmower and wasn’t letting go ! Also check out the size of those teeth !
It took the zoo keepers a couple of hours and a whole heap of kangaroo meat before they could retrieve the mower. I personally wouldn’t get in the pen with him whether he was distracted or not – this boy is 5 meters long and weighs half a tonne.

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5 thoughts on “Elvis proves he is still the King

  1. In fairness, it should be added that after this video cut off, the crocodile did mow the lawn and trim the neighbor’s front property as well.

    • Shh we don’t want people to know – this guy has a rep to protect 😉 on another note , maybe you could ask if you can borrow him to keep that monkey of yours in line !!!

  2. I suppose my fear of crocodiles is well-founded. Yikes! Now, I’m even more scared!

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