Snake on a plane … the real life version


A couple of days ago a Territory pilot flying over Darwin made a mayday call to the Darwin airport to report he had a snake chasing a tree frog around the cockpit of his tiny aircraft . He was forced to make an emergency landing with this snake crawling around his feet and popping in and out of various plane equipment – I tell ya this guy deserves a medal !

Anyway he managed to land safely at the Darwin Airport where he was met by airport security , firefighters (just in case the snake was also an arsonist ) and the Australian Federal Police , who were obviously there to charge the snake with boarding without a ticket .. I mean come on WTF ?? Its a snake people , not the Hells Angels !

After all the dramas they still have not managed to find either the snake or the tree frog despite extensive searching over the last few days – unfortunately for the airline the plane will remain on the ground until they do …

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3 thoughts on “Snake on a plane … the real life version

  1. I saw a story about this on Yahoo, but haven’t read it. This has got to be the same snake, right? I’m scared of snakes too, but don’t think I’d call out the National Guard to protect me from one. Too funny!

    • I’m pretty sure it would be – I cant imagine it happens every day ! And after all the security they provided it is now thought to be a non venomous python …. I just hope the Tree frog is ok ,I like those little buggers 😉
      Xx Kel

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