The situation in Africa

Ok so you all probably saw this vid if you clicked on the ones below .. but if not please watch – Its like a Jungle Book soap opera
Firstly there is the Lion Vs Croc drama 30 seconds in the Lions were winning…
Then the crocs took the lead – the Bloke Lions admitted defeat but one stubborn lioness was not having it….
So then she decided to attack the crocs , and a few of hew mates joined in…..
Apparently her husband was not impressed and chased her up a hill , never to be seen again (in this film clip)
The two Hippo s floating by took one look at the situation and said “fuck this , we’re outta here ”
The End

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5 thoughts on “The situation in Africa

  1. Oh, Lordy, I’d be outta there, too!

  2. Notes:1st) This is a great telling of this story. I would really like to hear you narrate a nature film.
    2nd) The lions disappearing never to be seen again (in this film) Implies a sequel. Looking forward to that.
    3rd) I like that the two lions are married. I would like to have seen that ceremony

    • Why thank you , I am trying to get my own nature program up here , but so far have not been successful šŸ˜‰
      I will try and find the squeal to this crazy drama for you … And if I come across the marriage ceremony I will be sure to let you know.

  3. Wow! Amazing video. NatGeo stuff.

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