A Croc Story In the NT News ? No Way , Who’d of Thunk It ? !

I opened my copy of the NT news today and what did I see ? Surprise surprise there was a big fat crocodile staring me in the face .. well maybe not quite staring at me as its eyes were covered in tape but I sure as hell couldn’t miss the picture – it was half a page !

As you would know by now from reading my blog Territorians are very proud of these gigantic killing machines and at least once a week they are on the front page of the paper . In fact if there hadn’t of been a murderous gunman on the loose yesterday then this croc probably would have made the cover of today’s paper ..


Pic : http://www.ntnews.com.au – this pic does not do this croc justice – he is 4.83 meters long

The story behind this bad boy is that he has been harassing fishing boats in the Corroboree Billabong for a while now. The latest incident happened 2 days ago when  a group of mates were out fishing in a 5.5 meter fiberglass boat. The curious croc snuck up on them and gave them a scare as he bashed his body and tail against the side of the boat. He stalked the boat for two hours popping his head up every ten minutes to check on his potential meal and giving them the evil eye. The blokes that reported it did so because the croc was nearly the size of the boat and if it was a smaller boat they probably would have been dinner for the croc who has now been captured and will be taken to a local croc farm to breed . Lets just hope he doesn’t pull an Elvis and eat his potential girlfriend …. 😉

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7 thoughts on “A Croc Story In the NT News ? No Way , Who’d of Thunk It ? !

  1. I didn’t know Elvis ate girlfriends. Well …. I’ll quit before I get into trouble.

  2. Do you actually have crocs anywhere near your house? And do they scare the shit out of you? I just have to know.

    • In the wet season you can find them anywhere but generally they don’t wander the streets – although they have been known to show u in peoples yards particularly the houses near the local croc farm .. where I am is pretty safe you just cant swim anywhere even if it looks ok – croc s you cant see are the ones that you need to worry about .. and yes they scare the absolute shit out of me I wont go near the water up here .. Xx Kel

  3. ug.. I dont know how you do it.. I won;t live in Florida cause of..them or the alligators or whichever it is there.. I always had bad dreams of ..well never mind… its horrible really and they are creepy.. I tired to at least be nonjudgmental but I just can;t do it… bleh

    • Oh don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of these monster s at all ! I do find them fascinating tho, in the same way I find horror movies and ghost stories fascinating .. I wouldn’t want to be there in real life ! 😉

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