Bless Her Little Fluffy Socks .. What Was She Thinking ?????

I love summer – it’s one of the main reasons I love the Top End of Australia so much.

There are some things I love about winter though – yummy comfort food like roast lamb dinners and hot chocolate , snuggling under my doona ( Duvet for all you non Aussies !) and rugging up in my comfiest winter PJ’s complete with fluffy bed socks .

The other day I was reminded of my love of fluffy socks when I passed a bargain bin in Woolworths containing not one but TWO pairs of fluffy socks for $3 ! Talk about a bargain ! Down south you are lucky to get one pair for under $7 so I snapped them up straight away like the clever girl that I am … So clever I didn’t stop to think why Woolworths were selling them at that awesome price .

Pic :

I have since worked out that the reason fluffy socks are so cheap up here is because we don’t actually have a winter. We had our coldest April night in 40 years over the weekend , it was all over the news and locals could not stop complaining about how freezing it was. The temperature was 18 degrees. Not minus 18 degrees ,18 above zero my friends and that ,apparently, isΒ  ridiculously cold. I’m not at that stage yet ….

Any way I have no idea what I’m going to use these socks for. Cleaning comes to mind , they do look like they would come in handy when i need to dust the furniture ( yeah like that happens often !).

I searched google and came up with a few inspirational ideas …

If Chaos was smaller I could use them as little doggy jackets ..



I could make a fluffy sock monkey ….


Pick ( sock monkey recipe is also there πŸ˜‰ )

I could make fluffy sock cupcakes …..



I’m just lucky that I don’t have a fluffy cat …..


Does anybody else have ideas for my fluffy socks ? πŸ˜€

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7 thoughts on “Bless Her Little Fluffy Socks .. What Was She Thinking ?????

  1. I have a fluffy dog… πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE fluffy socks – well as much as I can for someone who hates socks… Is it winter there when it is summer here? And re you talking F or C depgrees cause 18 is um, cold enough for fluffy socks in my book – which is F.. πŸ™‚ as far as creative uses.. stuff them with some linseed or whatever that therapeutic stuff is you can heat in a microwave for a heat pack….or with lavender or something else good smelly and use them as sachets… πŸ™‚

  3. Lizzie that’s an awesome idea ! I love those wheetbags .. and lavender is my favorite nighttime relaxant (apart from red wine … πŸ˜‰ ) Its winter in Australia but the top of Oz doesn’t really get a winter .. we call it the Dry season and its perfect weather .. like late spring early summer πŸ˜‰ Im talking Celsius when I say degrees , I always get confused with the two , and when I was younger if I heard people from O/S say ” it must be 100 degrees outside” I used to always assume they were exaggerating !! Xx

  4. How funny, Kel. I actually made a dog sweater of sorts from a sock for my Maltese when she was a puppy. But you might need way bigger fluffy socks to fashion a sweater for Chaos. However, if you don’t need socks, tt’s unlikely Chaos needs a sweater. Alas!

    • Aww that would be very cute πŸ˜‰ Are there photo’s of her wearing it somewhere on your blog ?
      And true you have me there , he probably wouldn’t need it in this weather – I might buy him a little doggy T shirt with Stud written on it instead ( They do make them promise – I saw them in a pet shop !!) I actually did rug him up in one of my jackets on my Albury trip last year , I will have to use that pic in a future post – thanks for the inspiration πŸ˜€
      Xx Kel

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