Crazy Pic of The Week

I don’t know how to explain this pic …. lets just say driving around in the Territory is always amusing …..


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4 thoughts on “Crazy Pic of The Week

  1. Where, for the love of God, do you find this stuff? Do you have to look hard, or is your home just so weird, this material is easy to come by?

    • This place is really weird so it is easy to find pics like these .. I think the weather in ‘wet’ season sends people a little mad ( Its 100% humidity for about 3 months then it rains for another 3 months straight) Also although Darwin is the capitol city of NT , it only has a population of 1500000 and the nearest town is 400kms away so the locals come up all sorts of crazy stuff to amuse themselves ! 🙂
      Xx Kel

  2. Yikes! What kind of helmet is that? I see the mirrors, but that’s all I understand.

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