Forget Angry Birds , We Have Fire Birds !!!


This is a video clip I took when I was on the Adelaide River Cruise with my brother. As I mentioned in my last post  the Territory is home to a species of birds who like to spread fire by picking up burning twigs and dropping them in another area. Check out the commentary  , these birds really are cheeky little buggers …


Video taken by ME 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Forget Angry Birds , We Have Fire Birds !!!

  1. Di Murray

    Very interesting commentary! And it looked like the birds were going to take your camera away!

    • It was a bit like that Alfred Hitchcock movie 😉 .. Did you hear Todd laughing in the background ?! Love you xox

  2. I had a hard time understanding the commentary, but those birds are bit like you crocs with wings, are they not? Take cover!

    • I probably should of put sub titles on it 😉 Basically the birds prey on wildlife when they are escping the fire and when the fire goes out they pick up a smouldering stick and drop it in another location to start a new fire , meaning more food for them ! He also was saying they don’t have them down in the southern states which is just as well as that is where most of the wheat farms etc are . up here a lot of the landscape is to rough to farm so bush fires don’t cause as much damage. They seem harmless to humans although maybe small ones should watch out !!! 🙂 Xx Kel

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