Ooooh My First Blog Award !!!


I have been nominated for my first bloggy award , ‘One Lovely Blog ” thanks to Eric from A Very Strange Place .

Apparently I now have to Thank the nominator ( Thanks Erik ! ) , List 7 facts about myself (yay) and nominate 15 other people .. Here I go !

7 Facts About Me

1. I am totally crap at team sports

2 I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 22 … You can get your license at 16 where I grew up ..

3 I have never held a manual license and had no idea how to drive a manual car .. until I drove across Australia in one.

4 When I drove across Australia I had no idea that my drivers license was in fact suspended. So I was driving 4000kms in a car I could barely drive on a suspended license. Cos that’s how I roll 😉

5 I own a dog that will not walk across wet grass ( not sure where I went wrong but I’m thinking I should wait a while before I have real children … )

6 At work I am forced to style my hair , wear makeup and look glam. At home I am ALWAYS in PJ’s. Always.

7 I have never traveled over sea’s (unless you count Tasmania). I am nearly 30 yrs old , this needs to change !

Ok now for my 15 blog nominations. This is hard because obviously I love all the blogs I follow otherwise I wouldn’t follow them ! So if I don’t put your blog here its not because I don’t want to – In fact if you look on the bright side I am saving you from having to list 7 facts about yourself which is surprisingly hard hahaha 😉

So here are 15 Lovely blogs

1  – because any dog lover needs to read this

2 Bloody good read and some good advice too 😉

3 This crew of awesome (slightly crazy 😉 ) people will brighten up your day with their hilarious post’s

4 One of my favorite blogger’s , Kathy is writing her memoir about growing up in an organized crime family. She is also a very talented artist 😉

5 I love Laurens drawings , always entertaining

6 A great artist and very entertaining post’s especially the ones where she tells Hollywood’s best where they are going wrong .. 😉

7 Founder of the Crazy Chicks Club this blog is a good way to find other crazy ladies and always a good read.

8 Cant leave out Jen ! Reading her blog is almost as good as a gin and tonic and reading her blog AND drinking gin and tonic , well that’s just bliss 😉 Very funny lady !

9 Teaching Korean kids English makes a very funny blog !

10 Terri tells it how it is and delivers no bullshit ! Very refreshing to read.

11 The day isn’t the same without Lizzie’s Mid Afternoon mental moments !

12 My fellow Territorian if you like my blog then get over to her’s and check it out , like me she has moved here from down south and is now experiencing the Madness that is Darwin !

13 A very funny blog about trying to find love without your parents arranging it .. and other funny shit 😉

14 Some great entertainment !!

15 Arrggghhh how did I miss this one ! Only one of my favorite bloggers – I’m blaming my eyesight ! Always a great read and a really cool chick to top it off

Ok so that’s my list took me so long to do because I had way too many awesome blogs to choose from.

I am now off to the Sunday market’s I hope you all enjoy your weekend xoxoxox

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10 thoughts on “Ooooh My First Blog Award !!!

  1. Hooray for you, Kel! Congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it along to me. Great to hear from you, my friend. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. By the way–one of my dogs hates wet grass, as well.

    • Oh thank god I though he was a bit of a weirdo , glad its not just my dog !
      I hope I haven’t just given you more work – its like a chain letter these awards but it is a good way to recommend blogs to people etc .. Although trying to write 7 facts was hard for me , I didn’t want to incriminate myself too mach hahaha 😉
      Having a very relaxing weekend , hope you enjoy yours too 🙂 Xx

  2. Thanks lovely lady! I appreciate the support and fellow Territorian status – I haven’t survived a wet season yet so I’m no local 🙂 nice facts and keep up the joyous blogging work blog queen 🙂

    • Aw thanks ! I love your blog 🙂 Hey the wet season isnt as bad as the build up – has anyone mentioned the build up yet ?? Its all anyone could talk about when I moved here .. its not too bad if you don’t mind 150% humidity and no rain for a month or two 😉 Xx

  3. Congratulations! That is awesome and you deserve it and …that is the sweetest thing ..thank you for giving it to me I am honored. I was trying o catch up and just going around… You Rock! Don;t worry you will have more awards soon 😉

    • Thanks Lizzie ! I love those Mid Afternoon Mental’s 😉 I would never see any of the weird and wonderful vids you post if you didn’t put them on your blog .. actually I was surprised all my Darwin mates new the duck and grapes clip ( which I still haven’t worked up the courage to do myself 😉 ) Xx

  4. Congrats! Thanks for the mention!

  5. SO freaking behind on reading everyone’s blog posts. Thank you SO MUCH for the mention. You’re lovely for doing so 🙂

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