We get spam! For those of you unfamiliar with WordPress, it filters out spam messages that autobots try to put on message boards.

Often, you will receive the same awkward message, attempting to look genuine, repeatedly from different WordPress accounts. After deleting our favorite spam message repeatedly, we realized we wanted to write about that particular spam message, and eagerly awaited the day it returned to our spam box. And here it is!

In case you’re reading this on a small-screened Blackberry in 2008, the spammer is telling us our article entitled “Expert Says ‘Sexy’ Sausage Ad May Discourage People From Moving To Sweden Town!” is “kinda vanilla.” The spammer suggests adding a photo, indicating the spambot was unable to see our wonderful photo of Finnish hot dog cuisine that was included in the article.

We’re fairly certain that our headline is not Vanilla, because as we’ve previously…

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