Crazy Pic of The Week



Dave and I went for a bush – bash in his ‘cruiser through our new property .. And came face to face with this goofy looking termite mound

Pic : Taken by us ! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Crazy Pic of The Week

  1. Diane Murray

    Cool photo Kel Bel!!

  2. Bahahaha. That’s awesome.

    Natural or did someone carve it a while ago?

    • Id love to say it was a work of nature but somehow I doubt it .. although from what I have been told about them , termites are pretty smart buggers so anything is possible 😉

  3. I’ve never even seen a termite mound–or knew they existed for that matter. How cool, Kel!

    • kelsgonebush

      They are huge !! Ill have to take more pics of the bigger ones .. the termites are actually really smart – they build them so its cool in the day and warm at night , its something to do with the direction they face the sun so theoretically if you wee lost you could find your bearings by looking at one of them .. but you’d have to ask Dave the exact instructions as I stopped listening halfway thru LOL 😉 Xx ( Maybe I should get him to guest post ??) xx

  4. We drove up the Stewart to Katherine and passed through some tiny little ‘towns’ – I think it was Elliot where we stopped and were like, what do kids do all day for fun round here as there’s NOTHING out there…question was answered moments later when we passed several termite mounds dressed up as humans with teeshirts, hats and everything!

    • Oh god I cant beleive you got out of Elliot alive !!! 😉 I drove Darwin to Albury ( near Melbourne ) last week and was contemplating stopping at the caravan park .. until I saw that it was the local hang out and pushed on to Tennant Creek .. and shhhhh I took a few pics of termite mounds with boobs ,was going to be my next crazy pic post hehe 😀 x Ps .. Dont forget to look me up if you come back over to Darwin !!

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