Dinky the Singing Dingo

Thanks to australiantouristpublications.com.au

*pic thanks to australiantouristpublications.com.au

While I was on my road trip from Darwin to Albury a few weeks ago I stopped at many random roadhouses in the middle of the Outback. It was at one of these roadhouses that I met Dinky , Australia’s most talented dingo. Dinky not only can sing , he also plays the piano while belting out his tunes . I was lucky enough to have stopped in Stuart Well NT at the same time as the daily tourist bus so I got to capture this furry superstar on film.ย  It was one of the more out there experiences I’ve had since I moved to the Territory I must admit ! ( Bloody funny too ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

For more on Dinky , check out this article http://www.australiantraveller.com/alice-springs/the-singing-dingo-alice-springs/

the one thing I must point out is that when the article was written it mentions Dinky is 4 yrs old – he’s a tad bit older than that now so hurry up to Stuart Well and check him out before he gets too old to play the piano !!!!

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3 thoughts on “Dinky the Singing Dingo

  1. OMG! I swear, Kel, this HILARIOUS! Who every heard of such of thing? Kind of deafening, isn’t it? LOL

    • I know ! I had not heard of him I just stopped for coffee and they told me to hang around for the show .. Thats me laughing in the background – he was very loud ! I also forgot to mention in the post that you couldn’t touch him but he was allowed to touch you – a bit like a exotic dancer lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xx

  2. That is hilarious!

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