Times Are Changing and So Am I

 Kels Gone Bush is now reporting Australia wide ! This is because Kel has decided to go walk- a-bout and is now an official gypsy searching for her new home .

I left Darwin a month ago ( which explains why I have been unusually quiet ! ) and am staying with my mum at her ‘farm’ in a tiny little blink-and- youll-miss-it town called Burrumbuttock. I know , wtf is up with the name ???? Anyway its a great base to plan my next life move which , knowing me , will be unplanned and last minute but hey lets at least pretend I’m a responsible adult …

I’m looking for a place for Marli , me and the two dogs to live permanently. This is a bit difficult because I have my heart set on living on the coastline between Sydney and Newcastle NSW and I am currently staying 600km away from that particular location. With a lot of sheer determination I will get there though … I cant live at Mum’s forever even if I do secretly love being here ( hope she doesn’t see this post , cant let on how happy I am or she’ll try and rent me a place around the corner ! ).

Why did I leave Darwin ? Well there are a couple of reasons , firstly we have been planning to leave for a few months due to the ridiculous price of living. It is at least $400 per week for a half decent house with air con. Thats in the slummy area’s , if you want to live in an area that is not covered in broken glass and drunks , you need to shell out around $550- $600 per week. Or you could live 70km out of town in a converted shed like I did which was cheap but you have to share the place with wildlife. Which I absolutely loved until I realized wildlife includes snakes . That kinda sucked the fun right out of the place . So Dave and I have decided that he will live in Gove as he has done for the past 8 years but seeing as we only saw each other every 2-3 weeks there was no point me staying in the NT. So I will go up to Gove with Marli every now and then but my days of living in the Territory have come to an end for now …

A few people have asked me what I would do with my blog now that I no longer live in Darwin River . They suggested I change the name or start a new blog. I said no bloody way ! I may not be living in the heart of the bush anymore BUT I still travel more than I stay put and Marli’s Dad works in Arnhem Land which is as remote as it gets in Australia so as far as I’m concerned I still have the inside info and a lot of mates with awesome stories – Kel is still goin bush just not living there permanently ! So that clears that up 😉 This also a great opportunity for me to bring you stories from all over the country , not just the Northern Territory . I wanted to change the tone of Kels Gone Bush to more of a ‘crazy news ‘ website for outback / country Australia as crazy news entertains the shit out of me ! And hopefully a few other people ..



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