Blogging Bureaucracy

One of the best blog post’s I’ve read in a long time ..

Not a Red Head

A blog is a space in which to log entries of any kind. A blogger is one who fills the spaces of his or her web log with such entries. The goal is to produce quality content that we enjoy and love. This should be the reason we begin blogging and why we continue. To produce our passions.

So when did being the spectator become more important than being the producer?

When I began blogging, it was hard to ignore the blogging bureaucracy. Like most, I quickly learned the rules of the trade.  They aren’t easy to miss. Guides to blog success are posted at every major intersection of the internet like big electronic billboards: Interact with the right bloggers! Read read read! Don’t forget to comment! Participate in the blogging community! Guest post and reblog!

Got it.

So, upon the birth of 25toFly and my discovery of WordPress, I immediately…

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Bureaucracy

  1. Hey there, Kel. How are you. I’m trying to catch up with my blog friends–sometimes easier said than done. Hope that baby of yours is doing well. I love this post. Below is the comment I left.

    I have been here. So often I’ve spent more time reading blogs than writing them. Not good. I especially love you last line here. We, indeed, need to set our own rules in order to blog with purpose. We make the meaning in our lives and in our online world, as well.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Hi Kathy

      Great to hear from you ! The post was actually reblogged from another Blogger but I identified with her feelings about the blogging world so much I had to reblog it 😉 I have spent a lot of time reading blogs for the wrong reasons when really I have a handful I love ( including yours ! ) and the rest I feel pressured to read for one reason or another .. and Im stopping it now ! 😉 You would be happy to hear I have finally started writing my book based on the experiences I have written about in my blog – I have 3 chapters so far but 2 need work before I would let anyone read them 😉
      I must get over to your part of cyberspace and see whats been going on in Ecuador !!
      Stay in touch 🙂 Xx Kel

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