She’s A Happy Little Vegemite

Every Aussie kid grows up on this stuff !!

The Gumnut Kid


The Gumnut Kid has officially passed her Aussie initiation by successfully mutilating a piece of Vegemite toast. This is something every Australian baby must go through at some point in the first twelve months of their lives. How else do you think we get people to actually enjoy the taste ?! The only way is to shove it down their throats from day one so they assume salty black gunk on toast is a delicacy.

She had her 8 month ‘birthday’ last week and its marked some big developments in her little world. Which also mean there have been some developments in mine. Like housework. I’ve been forced to vacuum more than once a week since the Gumnut has discovered how to get from one end of the house to another using a series of moves that make her look a bit like she’s in boot-camp. She cant crawl so…

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One thought on “She’s A Happy Little Vegemite

  1. What a cutie! Actually, I’d never even heard of the stuff. Silly me.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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