My Kinda Bloke !!!

Today I logged on to the NT News website for the first time in a while. I hadn’t keeping up with the news up north or anywhere really ( I only just read about the terrorist plots to kill us aussies today .. its been in the news all week !)

I officially now have a literary agent ( from New York I must add ..Makes me sound like a sophisticated jetsetter when in reality I’ve never left the country even to go to New Zealand. I have been to Tasmania but that’s  still part of Australia so I guess it doesn’t count even if you do have to cross an ocean to get there ..)

The best thing about having an agent is the encouragement , help with editing and someone to motivate  me ; on the flipside it also means someone is relying on me to finish my final draft and finish it quickly. I have been told that if I can get it done by October that would be ideal. Apparently publishers are not as busy at this time of year. So while my book has improved heaps , my two blogs have sadly been very neglected. After October I’m hoping I have lots more time for them . Until then I am keeping my Kels Gone Bush facebook page updated with my latest antics so make sure you follow the page !

Here is a classic kels gone bush style news article for you – fresh off the press from the NT News website

This guy got attacked by a croc , wrestled it , poked it in the eyes , managed to get away then went and had a beer. I now have a new hero !

Check out the link below for the full story

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3 thoughts on “My Kinda Bloke !!!

  1. Congrats on acquiring an agent.

  2. Phil

    Luv your work Kel 🙂

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