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Snake on a plane … the real life version


A couple of days ago a Territory pilot flying over Darwin made a mayday call to the Darwin airport to report he had a snake chasing a tree frog around the cockpit of his tiny aircraft . He was forced to make an emergency landing with this snake crawling around his feet and popping in and out of various plane equipment – I tell ya this guy deserves a medal !

Anyway he managed to land safely at the Darwin Airport where he was met by airport security , firefighters (just in case the snake was also an arsonist ) and the Australian Federal Police , who were obviously there to charge the snake with boarding without a ticket .. I mean come on WTF ?? Its a snake people , not the Hells Angels !

After all the dramas they still have not managed to find either the snake or the tree frog despite extensive searching over the last few days – unfortunately for the airline the plane will remain on the ground until they do …

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