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Its on Biatch !!!

This vid captures 2 very hormonal female crocs having a biffo … ..over mud .. yes I know I don’t get it either !

Here are 2 male s who decided it was on ..

And after all that would you be stupid enough to tease one of these m*tha f*cka s?? This guy deserves to get his arm bitten off !!

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Reason # 141 why you should lock the door at night ….

Reason # 141 why you should lock the door at night ....

Earlier this year a Darwin woman was sleeping peacefully when she was woken by her dog going nuts outside her bedroom door . Can you imagine her surprise when she opened the door to find a 1.7 meter Salt water croc just chillin” out in her lounge room ! Her husband ( armed with his trusty guitar ) managed to edge past the croc and get to the phone to call animal management who came to the rescue , wrestling the croc into submission.

Apparently this croc , along with many others , escaped from the Darwin Crocodile farm around 6 years ago. Since then locals have complained they have had 15 crocs in their back yards over the last 5 years ..However the croc farm gave them a carton of beer and a croc trap as a consolation ,  gotta be happy with that ! ;D


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