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Neighbors , Everybody Needs Good Neighbors …..


As you all probably know  , I have moved to the NSW town of Karuah after leaving the NT in April. Its been a great month checking out my local surroundings and meeting new people. Its been especially interesting meeting my neighbors.

As soon as I had moved my stuff in there was a knock on my door. It was the couple next door , returning Maisy the staffy who had decided to check the town out without the rest of us. They seemed like a friendly couple , telling me anytime I needed anything I could just knock on their door. Wow I thought , how nice are they. Until two nights later when at 10pm they decided it was a great time to let the whole neighborhood know exactly how much they couldn’t stand each other … I put it down to a one off but after a week I realized that this was something they enjoyed doing several nights a week . Which I couldn’t really care bout in the slightest except they wait until I have turned all my lights off and am in bed . Its like they think I wont hear them if I’m asleep . So I am investing in a deck chair and a popcorn maker and the next time they go at it for longer than ten minutes I’m going to sit on my verandah with a bowl of popcorn and every now and then Ill chuck my two cents in so they can get a third opinion on whatever the fuck it is they argue about … My way of being a helpful neighbor , I’m sure they’ll appreciate it 😉

The neighbor on my other side is a truckie who has friends in all places from the Hells Angels to the Australian Yowie Hunting Association. He has a million stories , all of them completely outrageous and has invited me to cover the latest Yowie hunting expedition for Kels Gone Bush – apparently it will be an exclusive report as it’s a top secret operation …

He is always helping me out with stuff like my lawns or he’ll take my bins out for me on his way to work so when he came over last week while my Mum was visiting , I asked him if he could help me pick up a couch Id been given. “Sure thing mate , I just gotta go to court tomorrow to fight this assault charge tho -“

“That’s ok” I quickly cut him off glancing over at mum to see what her reaction was. Poker face.

” No its ok mate , the charges are bullshit , that’s why I gotta go to court and fight em , then I can get my dangerous goods license back again,”He explained . Words cannot express the look on my mothers face at this point.

” Ill give you a call tomorrow we can arrange a time then ” I told him as I pushed him out the door.

We ended up picking the couch up a few days later and for the record , he cleared the assault charges and has got his Dangerous goods lisense back again. Which will be reassuring for all you Aussie motorists out there 😉

Apart from the Fight Nights , I probably couldnt ask for better neighbors. Punch and Judy are always friendly when I do see them and Old Mate the Truckie is always great company when he is home. Well he is anything but boring anyway !

Ill keep you guys posted on the whole Yowie exclusive 😉

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